Asko Nõmm

Musings of a Software Engineer

Creating a simple HTTP Router in Clojure

4th November, 2020~13 min read
As I've started work on a not-so-secret project of mine and I found myself in need of a router but didn't want yet another dependency nor so much complexity, I decided to roll my own simple and to the point router.
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On technical debt

27th October, 2020~4 min read
As I've gone in and out of codebases enough times I've started to see a ton of different ways people architect code. Here's a newsflash to those of you inexperienced yet; there's rarely such a thing as perfection in the real world. The real world is almost always convoluted, full of a mishmash of ideas and forgotten architectural decisions.
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Creating a splash screen in SwiftUI using @AppStorage

20th October, 2020~4 min read
When making an app you often want to greet the user before actually letting said user wonder around the app and for that we use things called Splash Screens. A splash screen is an initial view of the app that greets the user. It's used to set the initial tone and mood of the app.
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Managing data in SwiftUI using JSON and @State

13th October, 2020~8 min read
One of the first things you need to think about is how you're going to store your data. It will be the most important part of your architecture. After all, all that an app does is display and manipulate data in one way or another.
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