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2020 November Retrospective

30th November, 2020~1 min read
As November draws to a close, so does the first month of operation here at Solomnist. I'm actually very-very surprised how much I got done this month in terms of a working service - the blogs work (you're reading one right now), the admin panel works and you can effectively publish Markdown posts - all with just me running it next to a full-time job.
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How to upload posts

28th November, 2020~2 min read
Solomnist is a bit different from the blogging platforms you may be familiar with, in that it doesn't have an online blog post editor. Instead of an editor, you just upload the posts as files and Solomnist converts them to blog posts. That way you can use whatever editor you're most familiar with.
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What's Solomnist?

27th November, 2020~1 min read
If you've stumbled through the vastness of internet and found your way here, you surely must be wondering what is Solomnist. Well, Solomnist is a single-user blogging platform which instead of giving you an online post editor to type your content in, gives you file uploads, so you can just upload your posts instead.
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